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Buying Real Estate in Italy

The first thing you should know about buying property in Italy is that buying property there is different. Terms you may recognize from the UK or American house-buying process may have completely different meanings here and it’s safer to start from scratch. As ever, we recommend that you engage your lawyer at the earliest stage for your own protection. In fact we recommend that you engage a lawyer or solicitor from your home country in addition to the Italian lawyer who handles the deal.

You can search property in Italy you can always contact with a Italian real estate agent. However you’re trying to find real estate in Italy, the Italian agent could be very helpful. But the first thing you need to do before searching a property in Italy is know the country, its culture and find all the differences between different areas of Italy. Find any Italian region guides to start with. You will also want to familiarize yourself with the buying process — this is real estate purchase but not as we know it. And If you want to learn what it’s like to live in Italy find some info in Internet, no matter this is going to be a holiday home or investment.