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Marbella real estate - apartmens and houses for sale

Before the crisis starts in September 2008 and during  all the bad months following the property market was suffering in Marbella. The situation was similar in all of Spain and in the rest of the world, especially in the lower segment of the market and in particular newly built properties.

Now  Spain  cleared itself situation and the economy was stronger after the politicians have announced the changes before March elections. The credit facility, which was a factor of the Spanish property boom of the mid-1990 to 2006 has virtually dried up. The real estate agencies has begun to bankrupt, affecting all of the economy. The poping of the bubble has started a difficult period with a bang and the deep repercussions. The rapid slowdown began in September has reached buyers of luxury homes, not only in Marbella but all over the world, exacerbated by the credit crisis and the difficulty in obtaining mortgages. A very low volume of sales has characterized the market at all levels, generally during the last quarter of the year. The percentages provided in the following paragraphs are intended to be illustrative and are based on first hand experience of largest property companies in the  Marbella, which deal daily with buyers and sellers, including property developers. Now the situation is little better but it still long distanced from the boom that ended in 2006

Investing in Burgas Real Estate

As Bulgaria prepares to join the European Economic Community in 2007, many investors are looking to see if there are real estate bargains to be in Burgas. Other countries have had a big preparation before and after accession to the European Economic Community. Bulgaria prices are among the cheapest in Europe, and if you can find even the price of the property, you may very well done. Most people who want to watch the Black Sea properties, or in ski resorts like Burgas, but the real deals are in the country, in rural areas. During a recent visit to the properties of the Black Sea have been price, but the interior of the properties in Burgas could be done to 5-15000 Euros - cheap! There are many companies offering online pre-construction, or in terms of opportunities as well as units completed. Burgas Property management is readily available. Be sure to do your homework. All sellers will in Burgas sell the goods they seem easy to buy, easy to rent, and to the moon! Different areas have prospects of satisfaction, opportunity and location as well. A unit in a residential area of Burgas as a city does not generate revenues of more or less the Black Sea from the use of property Golden Sands will.With the recent implementation of all properties throughout Europe, Burgas, Bulgaria to escape the grip of communism, seems ripe for the satisfaction of the property.