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Investing In Montenegro Ski Property

Montenegro offers fantastic ski conditions and beautiful mountain resorts which are becoming more popular as with tourists and as locals. People recognizes that Montenegro ski resorts, are exactly same as where in Croatia was few years ago. Property prices are expected to increase by twenty percent each year, which means a very good earning performance over the next five years. Montenegro is also the hope of becoming a member of the EU in the coming years which should further push up property prices across the country. It is also interesting to consider that it is 0% capital tax and only 9% corporate tax, which makes Montenegro a very popular place for investment.Real estates in the “unexploited” locations of Montenegro, which includes mountainous regions, can indicate a growth of 100 percent over the next five years, it can be even higher at resorts that became as the most popular.

Anyone who is looking to invest in ski resorts in Montenegro should be prepared for a renovation project. This is because the vast majority of properties available for sale in these regions are aged and old-fashioned. The majority of these properties need some work with style to prepare them to the modern standards required by the tourists around the world.

Buying a Property in Burgas

For a somebody who is thinking about buying property in Burgas, it is essential to search the services of a local property agent. Lots of real estate agents in Bulgaria wants you to pay just for viewing properties. The viewing fee is charged because many times, people are wasting lots of time just looking at the properties when they have no intention of buying anything. However, it not may be the waste of time, because most foreign visitors have a combing sense in seeking the right property. However, payment of fees is mandatory for visitors. If you find an excellent property in Burgas and it seems too good to be true, it is wise to be careful than to risk loosing a money on a real estate that will not live up to what the estate agent is saying.

Foreign investors can buy properties in Burgas (as in whole Bulgaria) either directly or through a local company. There are laws and rules for foreigners buying property in Bulgaria, for example, now only Bulgarian-resident individuals are allowed to own land in the country. Non-residents can not acquire immovable property permission in Bulgaria. For this reason, if foreigners want to invest in real estate, they must register with a company based in Bulgaria is entitled to? Hold the building?. Once the company is registered, the property was purchased in May of the company’s name.When it comes to buying property, Burgas has plenty of investors offers, and if you’re a wise investor you would do some homework before buying a property.

How to earn buying a real estate in a bad neighborhood

When people wants to buy a real estate from me, usually their first requests is that  house should be in a “nice” neighborhood. And it makes sense to purchase a neighborhood that is safe and enjoyable. But there are some advantages to buying property in the bad neighborhood or on the wrong side of the river. This article contains some highlights of them.
First, if you buy a lease, you usually get a better cash flow in rough neighborhoods. If you rent your property, there are more renters and they are more long term. It is difficult to rent in the neighborhoods because many people looking to rent and those who are generally short term while looking for a house to buy.
The other aspect is that there is less concern in your area during descent, because it is already down. Good neighborhoods can get bad and bad neighborhoods can get better. Since the price usually reflects the current state, the purchase in an area which has potential for improvement might be a good idea.
You must remember that these properties are more recession proof. When the economy goes south, real estate in the rough neighborhoods is less affected.
So, in general, I am not saying that you must buy in a bad neighborhood. But simply that if you are looking for long-term investment, sometimes it’s a good idea to walk on the tracks and look around a bit.